Store-in-Store Environment


The Ask

To create a branded KitchenAid® shop-in-shop that integrates the Bay’s bridal registry as a seamless part of that retail experience.

The Solution

Marry the heritage of the KitchenAid® brand with the timeless styling of Kleinfeld and the contemporary design of the new Flagship HBC store.

Provide a destination for all product segments that flow in a logical yet meaningful way.


The End Result

The blend of traditional and modern materials resulted in the perfect combination of KitchenAid® heritage and contemporary HBC/Kleinfeld styling. This inspirational and interactive destination truly connects the Millennial bride to the KitchenAid® brand.

The KitchenAid-HBC store in store is a great visualization of the direction in which KitchenAid® wants to move as a global brand.
- KitchenAid®