Redefining who we are

June 23, 2015

LG&P reveals a new look to align with our ever-evolving industry.

LG&P was founded in 2001 with a commitment to challenging conventional ways of thinking and doing in the industry.  As the retail landscape continues to undergo massive transformation, this belief has become even more relevant.   The continuous growth of Omni-channel marketing, the integration of technology at the point of purchase, and the role of mobile for the shopper are only a few of the factors that are re-defining the role of retail for our customers, and more importantly, their customers.

The blurring of boundaries between the on-line and in-store experience has resulted in a refinement of our approach and working philosophy.  We will continue to challenge conventional ways of thinking and doing in our industry. However, to create richer shopper-centric experiences, we recognize these experiences must often extend beyond the store.  As we refined our approach to embrace this change, we realized our brand needed refinement as well.

LG&P is proud to introduce our new branding. A rebranding that we feel more accurately reflects our commitment to all things “shopper-centric” which may often extend beyond the in-store experience.

Get to know us all over again!